Артист: YoungBloodZ
Название: Discography
Жанр: Rap
Год выхода: 1999-2008
О музыке: The YoungBloodZ are an American Southern rap duo from Atlanta, Georgia, comprised of members J-Bo (born Jeffrey Ray Grigsby on October 4, 1977) and Sean P (formerly known as Sean Paul, but changed his name to avoid confusion with the Jamaican reggae dancehall artist of the same name) (born Sean Paul Joseph on March 7, 1979).

Released by:


Against Da Grain (1999)


1. Youngbloodz Intro/G's Interlude

2. Shakem' Off

3. Pop, Pop, Pop/Cuttin' Tonight Interlude

4. 85/Billy Dee Interlude

5. U-Way (How We Do It)

6. Hot Heat

7. 6 To 14 In 12

8. Down Heya (In The South)

9. Thangs Movin' Slow

10. It's The Money/Fake ID Interlude

11. Booty Club Playa

12. 87 Fleetwood

13. Get It How We Get It/Splack Interlude

14. Just A Dream

15. U-Way (How We Do It) [Remix]

Drankin' Patnaz (2002)




03.Whatchu Lookin' At

04.Sean Paul (Get 'Em Crunk)


06.Cadillac Pimpin'

07.Oozie I

08.Mud Pit

09.My Automobile

10.Lane to Lane


12.Skit #2

13.Drankin' Patnaz

14.Mind on My Money

15.Lean Low

16.No Average Playa

Everybody Know Me (2005)



02.Chop Chop


04.Datz Me (feat. Young Buck)

05.Excuse Me Shawty (feat. Lil' Scrappy)

06.Evrybody Know Me

07.What Tha Biz (feat. Mannie Fresh)

08.Haterproof (feat. Proverb)


10.Spending Some Change (feat. Cutty)

11.It's Good (feat. T-Boz)

12.Play Ur Position (feat. Jazze Pha Mr. Mo)

13.Sum'n Like A Pimp (feat. Ben Hated)

14.Diamond Rings (feat. Daz)

15.Grown Man (feat. Shawty Putt)

16.Presidential (Remix) (feat. Akon)

Solo the best of:

Sean Paul of The YoungBloodz - Hood Anthems (2006)



02.Ballin Baby (Sean Paul; Prince Bugsy; Kashflow)

03.I'm Hood (Sean Paul; Kashflow)

04.Icy White Tees (Sean Paul; Prince Bugsy; Taliban Bundy)

05.Rockstar (Sean Paul; Kashflow; Numskull)

06.That's Fo Sho (Sean Paul; Young Fell; Eddi Projex)

07.Soldier'd Up (Sean Paul; Prince Bugsy)

08.Like This (Sean Paul; Kujo Goodie; Trae)

09.If You Got a Problem

10.They Ain't Shit

11.I Like What I See

12.Do My Thang

13.Going Hard (J-Bo)

14.Gat Dat Money Hoe (Da Fam Gang)

15.40's In a Brown Bag (Numskull)

16.Fam Gang Muzik (Taliban Bundy)

17.Sick Wid It (Prince Bugsy)

The best of The Youngbloodz-Still grippin tha grain (2006)


1. Intro

2. Presidential

3. Cadillac Pimpin

4. Damn! feat. Lil' Jon

5. Mind On My Money

6. Billy Dee Interlude

7. Shakem' Off

8. Chop Chop

9. U-Way(How We Do It)

10. Datz Me feat. Young Buck of G-Unit

11. Tequila

12. Hustle feat. Killer Mike

13. Lean Low feat. Backbone

J-BO of The YoungBloodZ-ATLs Finest (2008)


01. ATL's Finest

02. Look At Me Now

03. A-Town

04. I'm A Problem

05. Another Level

06. Make Me Rich

07. Pull It Off The Lot

08. Back To You

09. My Life

10. After The

11. What I Do

12. I'm Still A Problem (feat. Lil' Scrappy)

13. Herringbone Jones
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